10am Set-up & Pack-down Guide

This online guide will assist you with the process and arrangements necessary to ensure our Sunday morning gathering goes smoothly.

Duties include:

  • Set-up & Pack-down of chairs
  • Set-up & Pack-down of soft-play areas for children
  • Installation and removal of direction signage (1 banner and 3 flags)
  • Set-up of Information Table
  • Set-up of New Life Kids Check-in Table
  • Set-up of Welcoming/Host Team Table at entry
  • Set-up of Morning Tea Tables
  • Set-up of the foyer area
  • Assist Morning Tea team as needed to move larger items of kitchen equipment (coffee mugs, water urns e.t.c from storage cupboard to kitchen & return)
  • Sweeping the hall at the conclusion of pack-down



  1. Set-up Chairs
    (Seating Plan PDF)
  2. Set-up Direction Signage
    (Signage Plan PDF)
  3. Set-up Information, Welcome/Host, New Life Kids Check-in and Morning Tea Tables
    (Table Plan PDF)
  4. Set-up foyer area; chairs, soft-play mats and toys
    (Soft Play Area Plan PDF)
  5. Place first aid kit on the stage area near the entry doors





At the conclusion of the service please take time to engage with others before beginning the pack-down process.



  1. Pack-down Chairs being careful as many people will still be in the hall for morning tea
  2. Remove the direction signage from outside the building
  3. Pack-down Information, Welcome/Host, New Life Kids Check-in and Morning Tea Tables. Preferably leave the New Life Kids Check-in and Morning Tea tables until last
  4. Assist Morning Tea team by returning larger items (hot water urn, coffee mugs e.t.c to the storage cupboard)
  5. Once most people have left please begin sweeping the floor using the scissor broom located in the storage cupboard


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Would you like to serve?

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