Curry with a Twist

7pm – Wednesday 28 November, 2018

New Life Presbyterian Church

About the event

Curry with a Twist

We have the perfect recipe; the only missing ingredient is YOU! Curry With A Twist combines a masterclass on authentic Indian curry, with a dash of merriment and a sprinkle of storytelling.

Fresh from the kitchens of Kolkata, you’ll get a crash course in curry making from Compassion Alumni Jane’ Alam Sheikh. Come along and be inspired to step up your game in the kitchen and learn about the life-changing difference of sponsorship!

Adults $20 (pre sale $15)
Children $10 (pre sale $10)

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Pre Sale tickets on sale until November 23, 2018
Pre Sale Adult $15 / Pre Sale Child $5
Standard Adult $20 / Standard Child $10

The story of Jane Alum

Fresh from the kitchens of Kolkata, Compassion Alumni Jane’ Alam Sheikh shares his story and the difference that Compassion makes in the life of a child.

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